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ESI Compliance

What is ESI COMPLIANCE Registration?
ESIC compliance refers to the adherence and fulfilment of legal obligations under the Employees' State Insurance Act (ESIC) in India. The ESIC is a social security and health insurance scheme that provides medical care and cash benefits to employees. This compliance is helpful in case of sickness, maternity, disability or death due to employment-related injuries.
Significance of ESIC

Non-compliance with ESIC regulations can result in penalties, fines, and legal consequences for employers. It is important for employers to understand and fulfil their ESIC compliance obligations to ensure the welfare and benefits of their employees and maintain a legally compliant work environment. The ESIC is a social security and health insurance scheme established by the Indian government to provide medical care and financial assistance to employees and their dependents.

Process of ESIC Registration

ESIC compliance involves several aspects, including-

  • Registration: Employers must register under the ESIC and obtain a unique employer code number.
  • Contribution: Employers and employees are required to make monthly contributions towards the ESIC. The contribution rates are determined based on the employee's wages, and both the employer and the employee contribute a specified percentage.
  • Record-keeping: Employers need to maintain accurate records of their employees, including their wages, contributions, attendance, and other relevant details. These records should be readily available for inspection by ESIC authorities.
  • Reporting and payment: Employers must file regular reports and make timely payment of the ESIC contributions. Reports include details of employees, wages, and contributions. Payments are typically made through online channels.
  • Compliance with regulations: Employers need to comply with various ESIC regulations, such as providing necessary information and documents during inspections, cooperating with ESIC officials, and adhering to the rules and guidelines prescribed by the ESIC.
Documents Required for ESI Registration and Compliance Scheme
  • Pan card of the employer.
  • COI certificate or partnership deed.
  • Company Pan Card if Pvt ltd/Partnership Firm/ LLP firm.
  • Company Current Account bank details.
  • Employer Adhar card/voter/passport for Address proof.
  • A complete list of the employees working in the company with the correct details of their joining date, KYC documents, salary, and bank account details.
  • Latest copy of the electricity bill, rent agreement or submission of a property tax receipt.
  • Gst Certificate.
In case, ESI registration is already done under the ESI compliance scheme then following documents are required.
  • Contribution details of both employer and employees for every month.
  • Wages sheet for every month
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Frequently Asked Questions

Employees working in establishments with 10 or more employees, where the total wages of employees are up to Rs. 21,000 per month are eligible for ESIC benefits for both permanent and temporary employees.

ESIC is funded through contributions from both employers and employees. The employer contributes 4.75% of the employee's wages, while the employee contributes 1.75% of their wages towards ESIC.

Employees or their dependents can claim ESIC benefits by submitting the required forms and supporting documents to the ESIC office.

No, an employee cannot opt-out of ESIC if they are eligible for coverage and it is mandatory for eligible employees to be covered under ESIC as per the Employees' State Insurance Act.

Yes, ESIC Compliance benefits can be transferred if an employee changes jobs and joins another establishment covered under ESIC.

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No,the right to receive any benefits under this act is not transferable.